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The dat@OSU portal becomes interoperable with the ISIDORE French national portal

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"dat@OSU" is the portal for referencing of research data produced by laboratories and teams of the Observatory for Universe Sciences of Franche-Comté Burgundy (OSU THETA).

Since the modelling phase of the project, interoperability with the main research data portals (either specialized or not) has been taken into account. The metadata profile of dat@OSU has been defined so as to be compatible with metadata standards used by these portals. The "harvesting" process is based on the "OAI-PMH" protocol for interoperability between open archives.

The first targeted portal has been the ISIDORE portal, which is a French research platform allowing access to numerical data issued from Humanities and Social Sciences. ISIDORE is an achievement of the Huma-Num very large facility for digital humanities.

In order to be "harvested" by the ISIDORE portal through OAI-PMH, a portal must simply expose the informations it contains in the "Dublin Core" basic metadata format, which is the minimal metadata format required by the OAI-PMH protocol.

Relying on these principles and further to a first harvesting of dat@OSU by ISIDORE, the description of data related to scientific disciplines encompassed by ISIDORE, has been available for consultation on the ISIDORE portal since February 16th 2017. dat@OSU is now a source of information for ISIDORE.

Presently 45 data sets or data bases described in dat@OSU are visible on ISIDORE.

Interoperability between dat@OSU and other portals is currently being implemented.

Voir en ligne : dat@OSU metadata available for consultation on the ISIDORE portal